E.L. MUSTEE & SONS, INC. - TDCP - Cleveland, OH USA

Drains, Model Nos. 42.304A, 42.310A, 42.317A, 34.300A.

Laundry/Utility Sinks, Model Nos. 10, 11, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20, 26, 27.

Mop Service Basins, Model Nos. 63, 63P, 64, 64P, 65, 65P, 66, 66P.

Shower Floors, Model Nos. 3232, 3434, 3636, 3248, 3254, 3260, 3442, 3448, 3454, 3460, 3636C, 3838C, 3434DT, 3636DT.

Testing Standards: CAN/CSA-B125, CAN/CSA-B45.0, CAN/CSA-B45.5.

Identification: Label bearing the wording, "Listed Plumbing Fitting", CAN/CSA-B125, CAN/CSA-B45, the manufacturer's name or trademark and the Warnock Hersey Certification Mark.

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Commercial, industrial, institutional and household plumbing fittings, including supply fittings up to one inch nominal size and waste fittings up to two inch nominal size.
Unless otherwise noted, listed products are qualified to the following standard:
CAN/CSA-B125, Plumbing Fittings.
All required marking must be permanent, legible, and visible after installation of the fitting. Marking shall consist of the following as a minimum:
Manufacturer's identification
WHI Certification Mark.